Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Everything for Nothing: Because That's What He Did

It's an amazing thing to sit here and know that friends over 9500 miles away, that I've never met... have been praying for me. (And those much closer as well... :)

That's a beautiful thing. A gift I don't take lightly.

Thank you again friends for your prayers, and for those who have not heard I suppose you deserve an update about my eye injury. God has been very good to me and my eye continues to seem to be getting better and better. I continue to have perfect vision with the only affect of the impact being that my pupil is more dilated in the injured eye. This makes it a bit more sensitive to light but even this has been getting better over time. Thank you again. Your thoughtfulness and prayers mean a lot. :)

And now... here's a thought for today:


I paced back and forth on our driveway this morning... dog and cat at my heels. 

Father... please give me my generation... my people for You...

And in the silence I'm more convinced then ever... He alone can open blind eyes. He alone can melt selfish hearts and turn lives driven by earthly fun into lives possessed with heaven's joy.

And it's always a privilege to be poured out, to pray, and to hold my people before the throne of God as those bought with an infinite price... a privilege I don't deserve - but a gift nonetheless.

And so today I ask you a question - and it comes from the heart...

Are you wiling to risk everything to become nothing? 
 Because that's what He did...

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