Friday, March 8, 2013

Discontent? [Part 2]

Are you discontent?...

Hmmmm.... discontent with selfishness, pride, love of the world, conformity, fake spirituality...

Ok. Me too...


There is something that must not happen. Do this and you'll drown. Go here and you'll not see the light of day for a very long time...

In fact, instead of climbing higher you'll end up falling lower. It's a downward spiral to death... it's evil and bad and terrible.

In short - don't do it. Please. 

What is it? Simply this...

Don't let discontent consume you. It's deadly.

Trust me.

Because ultimately, when it comes down to it - our discontent is simply a form of selfishness, and while it may lead us to seek Christ, even then we are all too often consumed with self - desiring a "self-fix".

Here's a few lines from my journal a few days ago:


Our selfishness drives us to seek Christ - asking so much for ourselves.
Love drives us to seek Christ asking that "so much" for others.

Yes... we must ask for ourselves - but only that we might give it out to others.

"The Saviour longs to give us a greater blessing than we ask; and He delays the answer to our request that He may show us the evil of our own hearts, and our deep need of His grace. He desires us to renounce the selfishness that leads us to seek Him. Confessing our helplessness and bitter need, we are to trust ourselves wholly to His love."*

And so - we're consumed with seeing His face... not that our names will be written in the book of life - but that others might find the eternal joy of His presence.

Are you consumed?

*Desire of Ages p. 200


  1. Ahh yes.

    I have been guilty of this. Sometimes there is a need of fresh perspective - the perspective of the cross..

  2. Mmm… yes. I've been guilty before too. Thanks for the timely reminder, Paul. :) The cross is all the reward I need…


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