Saturday, December 22, 2012

Go feed my people

He told them to feed the people and they looked at their small loaves and said - "we can't". But He said "bring them to me, let me bless them, and now - feed the people." And they did. All five thousand of them - and then some.

And now He turns and tells me to feed the people... but my heart says "I can't..." And even though I know His power can breath out a million stars and that He can make lame men walk and blind men see... and even though I know that He turned five loaves and two fish into a feast that fed five thousand - yet still my tired heart wants to scream "I can't!"... and it does... and I sit ashamed because I know better.

Or do I?

And this time His voice is even more tender - "your right. You can't feed the people. But bring your loaves to me, let me bless them for you - and then, go feed my people." 

And so He takes my feebleness, my worthlessness, my depravity - and He turns it into food. Life-giving, energizing food.

I don't know how He does it... but that's not what really matters. What matters is that I have an enemy of slothfulness and self complacency that is bent on keeping me from giving my loaves to the only One who can bless them.

It mustn't be so... no...

If there ever was a time to place every last crumb of life on His alter - that time is now. Only He can bless the crumbs that will feed a parched and dying world.

And make no mistake friends... this world is dying for food.


  1. Yes...thanks my friend, I needed that reminder today...

  2. So true... thanks for sharing brother. I'm so glad He can bless our feeble loaves...

  3. What a blessing that we so often feel that way so that we can be drawn closer to Him. . . .

    Keep giving, brother.

  4. What an excellent object lesson, bro! Yes, if we give our feeble selves and talents to HIM, HE will develop them into something that will bless many, many people!


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