Monday, July 9, 2012


It is not too uncommon in my daily dose of life for me to be posed with what would seem to most people like a simple question -

"Hi Paul! So, what are you up to nowadays?"

What am I up to nowadays? Hmmm.... how do I say this? Should I try and make this fluid and elagant... maybe I can make this sound a bit more professional than last time... maybe I should...

"Oh yes, hi Joe! I'm working on our family farm."
 (Alas -- it never comes out elegant or professional... at least not yet...)

"Oh, still on the farm? Are you taking any college classes yet?"

"Nope... not yet."

"Oh... so....... umm.... I see... well, did you hear about the new macbook pro on the market...?" --- the conversation usually meanders off at this point...

Why? Why is it that there is a common belief that college is the only road to success? Hmmmm... it is a good question actually.

Education. I believe in education. I love education. In fact college may actually come one of these days... maybe. :) (Don't take me wrong here... you might understand in a minute or two)

Recently a friend shared with me some powerful short speeches on our educational system. Outside of my own dear family I don't think I have ever heard such good expositions on the subject (at least in a secular light).

If you have a moment you might enjoy listening to Sir Ken Robinson address the topic:

Whose dreams are spread under your feet? Tread softly....


  1. Funny how we put so much importance on academics and money-making, and tend to relegate home duties to some inferior, "poor person's job". =\ In actuality, some of my best education took place in the past year - after 6 years of college - in the kitchen, at home. Character-building...TRUE Education. This is what really matters in eternity's scales! Why do we tend to place less importance on it? Good post. Good reminder. :) (Sometimes I need it, too.)

  2. Really good points. I can very much relate, having only done on-the-job internships and no college up to this point. There are so many other options than the standardized system (though college is still a "maybe" for me too)! Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. Lol, yeah I think I've had that conversation with you a couple times! I have to say though... When I think of our class and the turns each life has taken, your education stands superior to any of ours. I would trade nothing for the incredible experience I have had at OHC and I have no doubt it was the only way God could have reached me at the point I was at when we graduated.. But there are times I think of the experience you are having out in the gardens and fields getting physical exertion, time to study the character of Jesus through the things He has made.. And I get jealous... Someday I'm gonna just going to show up at your house and beg to work in your garden, haha! You're getting the education Jesus had... And if I remember right they didn't understand in his day either. And they thought he was really missing out on His only opportunity for success in life too..
    I think Sir Ken Robinson would really enjoy the book Education, btw! Lol. I love the way he thinks!

    1. Oh Beth... I definitely do count my blessings... :)

      Your comment made me smile - :D If we ever do find you knocking on our door... well, I'm sure there would be room in the inn. ;)

      Funny that you mention it - I was thinking very similar thoughts about Sir Ken Robinson liking the book Education. Maybe we should send him one!

  4. Hi Paul,

    Reading this post reminded me of the True Education Key Conference that I am doing on FAST where we study a portion of the book Education. I thought you might be interested so here is the link to the website:

    God Bless,

    1. Thanks for the link Rebekah! I am acquainted with FAST but didn't know they had a study on Education. :) Very interesting!


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