Monday, May 14, 2012


[Disclaimer: This post was actually written on 5-13-2012 (mother's day) but due to some complications was delayed in being posted until today.]

Today, I stop... and I realize....

That each breath that I breathe is a gift. Every passion of my heart, each step that I take, the knowledge that I now possess... would not be here, were it not for someone special.

There is a special place in my heart for mums. They are heros. And perhaps there really isn't anyone we could owe more to on this earth...

...because one day many years ago you were given life. Give her a kiss today. She derserves it. I know mine does...

I love you Mum!


She still brings us so much joy!...

And is definitely the center of our family. :)

"Then it will be found that many who have blessed the world with the light of genius and truth and holiness, owe the staunch principles and integrity that were the mainspring of their usefulness and success to the careful religious training of a praying Christian mother.
--- Patriarchs and Prophets p. 244


  1. Aww! Auntie... Such beautiful photos. And such beautiful words, Paulo... :)

  2. Beautiful pictures, Paul! Sometimes I think to often we take Mothers for granted, we need to take time to just even thank our Mothers for all they do. Thank you, for sharing your encouraging words! :)

  3. @Kathrina - Ah yes, totally agree. I was definitely having similar thoughts. :) We all really wouldn't be here if it wasn't for our dear mothers, let alone all they have done for us since bearing us into this world... What a gift!! So thankful. So grateful. :)

  4. Awww! I really like this post. It expresses succinctly how I feel. It's such an amazing thought -- us being alive and happy, is because of them. Mothers really are heros. I know mine is! :D
    Oh, and the pictures are beautiful too. Especially the family photo!

  5. Hey btw, I just noticed something cool! You used "Mum" and not "Mom"! I think you've been around some Aussies! :D

    1. Hahahha!!! :) So intuitive...

      I must admit - I read your post prior to writing this and my thoughts went somewhat like this:

      "Mom" is too stoic and flat
      "Mommy" seemed slightly childish
      "Mum" took the cake for being quite endearing and professional at the same time. :D

      I love it!

      BTW - we do call our dear mother "Mums" quite often as well... maybe because my Grandmother is from Australia or because we've lived overseas? I don't know for sure but it is my personal favorite. ;)

    2. Hahaha! This made me laugh.
      I totally agree. You're spot on with the descriptions of the different titles. "Mum" definitely wins. :D

      That's cool as that your grandma is Aussie! Or did she just live here? Did you live in Israel when you were a child? That's the idea I got from your last "Mum" post.

    3. I only noticed that you'd said "Mum" when Stella pointed it out! That's so cool! And I love your descriptions. As well as your blog post. :D

      She's "so intuitive.." I agree. ;)

    4. @Christella - Yes, my Grandmother's family is traced back to the first settlers that came and populated the West side of Australia. (They came over on a ship called the "Caroline") She was born and grew up in Australia until she was around 16 and then they moved to England and finally to the USA. So yes... definitely Aussie blood pumping through these veins! Just missing the accent... ;)

      Israel is a good guess. I was born in Sudan and then we lived in Tanzania and Yemen. We returned to the States the summer I turned 11. Wonderful memories... :)

  6. I'm guessing the littlies are your sisters children. :) Enjoyed your blog post. My sisters sent me the link.

    1. Yes, they are my eldest sister's (Evie's) children. She and her husband are the two on the far right of the picture. :)

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  8. Sweet thoughts about your mom! :) Nice photo's too!

    When I first saw the title of your post, I thought "Hmmm... I wonder why he spelled it "M-U-M" instead of "M-O-M". lol, now I know! :)


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