Thursday, May 10, 2012


It hit me square in the face - and then it just made sense.


Yes. To be like a little child... I mulled the thought around in my mind. Like a little child... I love children and the more I thought about it the more my epiphany became more and more glaringly obvious.

Of course! That is why the walls were finally broken down around the heart of our aristocratic, proud, kingly, royal black cat who would have nothing to do with any other species than us. His name is Purzzle and I love him with a passion. But I must admit he has definitely taken aristocracy to the next level.... that is until our Bengal cats came around. They are indomitable... and it is all because they refuse to believe that love and joy could ever loose, and though rejected countless times they continued to believe - unwaveringly. I love them for it, and it has worked wonders on the heart of Purzzle. In fact I actually have a picture somewhere of them sleeping together on my bed...

This is why multitudes flocked to simply be with Jesus and why a little child is undaunted in his desire to share a new creation, reveal his latest discovery or tell of his best adventure. This is why the heart will always win... always.

My epiphany...

It goes like this:
To become like a little child is to believe that others will find joy in being together regardless of all outward appearances. This is true winsomeness.
It is one thing to act like I am glad to be with other people. But to always believe in their heart - to believe they will be glad to be together? Do I rest in that belief to the point where I can and will let loose my heart to love them with absolute and complete abandon? It is actually a down-right scary place to be considering rejection, shame, and pain are inevitable at some point. But that is always the cost of love and if I guard myself against these I am encasing my heart in it's own self constructed coffin. My heart is made to be free and to love freely.

I believe it. I believe it because the heart is always glad to be with someone else. Just sometimes people's minds trick them into thinking they aren't... but the heart... it will always be glad to be with people - always.


  1. Quite the thought brother, yet how true- for it is not us that we wish them to see but Jesus, may we break the barriers of selfishness and truly love others, both in word and deed unbound.

  2. Wow, thank you for sharing, Paul. It was just what I needed... I love how God is not restricted in who and how he uses other people to bless us.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing brother. Yes, quite a vulnerable place to be. I have encountered the pain you speak of myself, as we all likely have. But so did Christ! Oh, to be like Him...
    Thanks again for your thoughts.

  4. Thank you, Paul! What a great thought! Thanks for all the great posts you post!! I read everyone of them and receive a big blessing!! :) May God continue to richly bless you!!

    Your friend and Prayers~

  5. Wow, what a thought! It's so easy to place our hearts in self constructed coffins but it does so much more harm...

    Thank you for sharing and for stirring my soul. :)


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