Thursday, April 12, 2012

An Invitation

I love to love people.

That's because I love to see your smiles and the sparkle of joy in your eyes. And I love every ministry that makes this joy a reality.

Recently in the Adventist World magazine Elder Wilson wrote a beautiful article regarding youth ministry in today's church entitled "Following the Way of the Word". In it he spoke very pointedly to key issues relating to youth ministry today. Issues involving taste and culture, worship styles, music, and what young people are truly looking for in church and worship.

Take a moment to read it here.

And then consider again this invitation:

"I invite you, especially if you are a youth member or young adult, to share your thoughts on these important subjects. How are you involved in the life of the church? What do you especially appreciate, and what would you like to see changed in your local area?"

Your voice is important.

Today young people across the globe are seeking for victory, truth, and biblical authenticity. What is your story?

Please take a moment to prayerfully respond or send a note of encouragement via the following:



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