Wednesday, April 25, 2012

One is Enough

Sometimes I get angry... and my stomach goes in knots... and I get frustrated with a world that is filled with affluence, fancy cars, and smart phones when all around the world little children are starving for food, for love, and for someone to call "mommy". It just makes me mad. Mad because it shouldn't be that way and all these people should understand but instead they continue on... And then I find myself on my knees with my heart crying out to the only one who really knows... who really understands. And my heart hurts because I wish I could find all those little children, and bigger children, and adults... and everyone around the whole world and somehow give them all a big hug, and cry with them, and laugh with them, and be the friend they never had.

But instead I find myself on a little farm out in the middle of the rolling hills of Tennessee - and sometimes I wonder "why?" Why? Why me? And then sometimes I get mad at myself because I think I should be doing something bigger, something better.... I mean shouldn't I be doing something? Aren't there so many people around the world that need love and instead I sit at my computer trying to figure out how to start a business so that I can make a living that will one day support a family? And I sigh... maybe I’m not one of those people who have a fancy car and all the money that the world has to offer but I do live in a big house and have a soft cozy bed and a smart phone that wakes me up each morning to pretty music...

And then somehow God reaches down and speaks ever so softly in my ear - and He reminds me that I'm just where he wants me to be. And that these people here - yes, the ones in the fancy cars and expensive houses, the ones that spend hundreds of dollars on good food and who's kids are probably overeating, yes these ones - they have the same heart as all those little children over there. Really? Sure, maybe their clothes aren't all covered with feces and they aren't drinking water that looks like lemonade (but really isn't), but inside they are hurting too. And they are longing for someone to cry with and laugh with and simply be glad to be together. And too many of them probably wish they had a mommy that would smile and laugh and dance with them and whose eyes would sparkle with delight every time she saw them... but instead their mommy is divorcing their step dad who abused their sister who wishes she had someone to cry with too... And my heart hurts all over again.

But God seems to have a way of touching hurting hearts. And today, as I read about another girl who is loving little children who don't have families and who are covered in feces and who do live over in a far away country - I am reminded that one is enough. Just to love one. Love the one who is right here - the one who is with me. I am with people most all of the time and it is enough to love them - they are the ones God has put in my life to love - one at a time.

So, maybe I can't wrap my arms around everybody but I can smile, and hug, and be a friend to one. And it is enough - but it takes reminding because me heart keeps pushing for more. Like when I’m sitting with Tim and he starts telling me about how he was bullied in school... and my heart screams “No!” at all the mean people in the world that don’t seem to have much of a heart at all. And I keep getting frustrated with myself for only doing what seems like so little.  But it is good that I get frustrated because it pushes me to my knees - where I can be reminded. “Whatsoever ye have done to one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me” - love the one in front of me, that is what I am called to do and that is enough.

But not just enough - He reminds me that He has all those other people in His hands. And maybe I can’t love everyone - but He can and He did... more than I ever could. In fact He loved them so much that He left everything and became one of those little children that run around barefoot in places that aren’t always so clean. And not just that He loved everyone enough to die for them - even the ones who don’t seem to have a heart at all. That is enough for my heart to rest - because I know that He holds them in His arms and I must trust...

But I’m still longing to do more....

    “My son, remember...”

Ah yes... enough.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

An Invitation

I love to love people.

That's because I love to see your smiles and the sparkle of joy in your eyes. And I love every ministry that makes this joy a reality.

Recently in the Adventist World magazine Elder Wilson wrote a beautiful article regarding youth ministry in today's church entitled "Following the Way of the Word". In it he spoke very pointedly to key issues relating to youth ministry today. Issues involving taste and culture, worship styles, music, and what young people are truly looking for in church and worship.

Take a moment to read it here.

And then consider again this invitation:

"I invite you, especially if you are a youth member or young adult, to share your thoughts on these important subjects. How are you involved in the life of the church? What do you especially appreciate, and what would you like to see changed in your local area?"

Your voice is important.

Today young people across the globe are seeking for victory, truth, and biblical authenticity. What is your story?

Please take a moment to prayerfully respond or send a note of encouragement via the following:



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