Friday, January 13, 2012


It is dusk and the light is fading while pink hues grace the horizon sunset. The dust mop has been placed in its closet home and the vacuum is now silently stored away. There is peace - quiet.

I love quiet.

Today the quiet is accentuated by the activities that have consumed the past week. Sometime I'll have to write up a list of all that can go on in one day on a farm... not just any farm that is...  It can be somewhat overwhelming at times - but it's always worth it.

But why? Why is it worth it?

My heart smiles. I'll let you decide - but for me the business only makes the quiet more beautiful. It makes the pink hues of the sunset a little brighter and the flicker of a candle just a little more inviting.


It's Sabbath now - remember to savor the quiet.


  1. I'm enjoying a bit of extra quiet - here alone with mom for a couple of weeks . . . :) No boys, no husband. I'm not used to this much quiet, but it's been a blessing.

  2. ..."to savor the quiet."
    I'm so thankful for the Sabbath...and for the gift of quiet...
    Thank you, for these words...

  3. Wow Aunt Lucia, home alone indeed! I'm glad it is proving a blessing. :) Keep up the courage!


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