Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Heart of a Child

I sit quietly on our sofa... three hours of bookkeeping laid to the side.

Rest - sweet rest.

The soft glow from the Christmas lights filters down through the shaggy branches of our tree (the tree we probably wouldn't have were it not for the hearts of family and friends).

But my thoughts do not rest on the tree - I'm reflecting on a gift....

No, not the Christmas story this time (although it encompasses such), I'm thinking of another gift - a personal one that will ever be a treasure to me. It's a gift that will stand in my heart as a monument of His matchless love, one that will forever remind me of my helpless unworthiness - and His unfathomable compassion. Such for me, is the gift of a song.

You may not understand... but... perhaps you would if you had a chance to look back through my journal over the years... There you would find a verse here, a couple lines there, a scribble and a scratch and a heart yearning for expression...

I've wanted to write a song for years... but the inspiration, the words, the music, it all didn't seem to line up right and so I was left with a little something that was really nothing.

Sure I've written words to other songs before - and there was even a little work song that came one day... but I've been waiting...

And this last weekend I received a true gift.

Perhaps one day - one day... you may have a chance to hear - Heart of a Child.


  1. Oh, I am looking forward to hearing it!

  2. I know exactly the feeling, Paulo. And I can't wait to hear what the Lord laid upon your heart. I'm sure it is beautiful… See you soon! :)

  3. Ahh, my friend... I can hardly, hardly contain myself...

  4. Yes friends... perhaps shortly. :)


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