Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Eve

It is Christmas Eve....

And soon we will be all snuggled up in the living room... reading stories, talking, and simply enjoying the joy of togetherness...

And with Christmas Eve this year comes a change to my blog - a new look, a new address. Yes, Christmas time this year actually freed me up just enough to pull this together and I believe everything is transferred over - friends, followers, feed subscribers... (please let me know if you see something amiss ;) )

And now Christmas is almost here... let us not forget Him...


  1. Hello Paul,
    i hope this finds you all doing well! we where just wondering if you all got our email about coming in January for the gardening class. we emailed a few weeks ago, but haven't gotten any reply. if there is still room we'd love to come!

  2. Hi Tiana,

    I am sooo sorry... I've sent you an email about it! :)


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