Saturday, November 12, 2011

No Higher Treason

"Sure, God gives us all freedom of choice.... But there is one thing we are not allowed to do - to carry the banner of Christ and choose not to walk His walk, to fight His fight."

My friends words hang still in the air...

"It's like joining the army... Joining the other side is not an option - at least not while your wearing the flag."

Ahhh... No higher treason. And it comes so easily... at least before you know what it is to hang upon the rugged cross yourself.

"We look with horror upon the treachery of Judas; but his case represents a large class who file in under the banner of Christ, yet are really his worst enemies." *

Do we think naming the name "Christian" means being loved by God?... Or does it mean to love as God only can love? If God is love, is the Christian love? I mean really - is it "I" that lives or is it "Christ in me the hope of glory"? And here is a paradox that brings us face to face with death... 

I cannot love. I am utterly and completely paralyzed... 
But I know someone who is love --

... here is glory.


* Redemption Pamphlet 5 - p. 3

1 comment:

  1. Oh that self might die...that I may know what it is to hang upon the cross. That I might never deny His name....oh Paulo...thank you so much for was just what I needed.


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