Sunday, October 26, 2014

Unstoppable: The Grip of the Tenacious

Through every age there have been those mighty. The mighty men and women who's lives have shaken this world to its core. These are the kind of men and women who subdue kingdoms, work righteousness, obtain promises, stop the mouths of lions, quench the violence of fire, escape the edge of the sword... and ultimately are deemed unworthy of this world.

And they all hold one thing in common: an incredible grip on their God. They would not let go.

Their lives are the picture of power - because the God of power poured out His life through them. And recently God has been stirring in my soul an unreasonable thirst for the power of His resurrection... a tenacious boldness to beg God for a radical outpouring of His Spirit.

This is my story...

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Albion Valkyrja Viking Sword 9 - Kopi (6094585830)

Photo Credit: By Søren Niedziella from Denmark [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Monday, July 28, 2014

The Obstinate Gospel

Not everyone would naturally want to be considered obstinate, stubborn, unyielding, inflexible, unbending, intransigent, strong-willed, uncooperative, unmanageable, stiff-necked, rigid, uncompromising, unrelenting, immovable, unshakable...

Not necessarily the first words that come to mind when thinking about the reputation I'd like to leave behind in the world. I mean listen to this... "He was such a stubborn, uncooperative, obstinate fellow..." Really?

But there's something about these words that captivate me. They move me. They're filled with beauty and allure. A majestically masculine allure that speaks of grit and gusto... blood, sweat, tears, and everything that takes a man from total failure to an indescribably glorious victory. They speak of a prince with feet set, muscles bulging, and declaring with all the authority of heaven and earth "Here and no farther! Stand back you foul fiend!"

Ahhhhh... and so I wax dramatic. Alright, I may as well go ahead and admit it... this stuff runs in my blood. It fills me with glorious passion. This is the manly stuff of the gospel.

And when it comes down to it - I've decided that there is no greater honor than having the reputation of obstinacy. Immovability. Unshakablity.

At least when it comes to one thing...

Hmmm.... should I tell you? Naw... I'll let you listen for yourself (click the link below)

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Who am I?

When heaven takes the lowest place, when infinite love empties itself into the hands of selfish hearts, when the God of the universe stoops to wipe the feet of humanity - and I'm reminded that the servant is no greater than his master - I'm left to sit, and wonder, and remember just how incredibly small I am...

... and how big my God is.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Everything for Nothing: Because That's What He Did

It's an amazing thing to sit here and know that friends over 9500 miles away, that I've never met... have been praying for me. (And those much closer as well... :)

That's a beautiful thing. A gift I don't take lightly.

Thank you again friends for your prayers, and for those who have not heard I suppose you deserve an update about my eye injury. God has been very good to me and my eye continues to seem to be getting better and better. I continue to have perfect vision with the only affect of the impact being that my pupil is more dilated in the injured eye. This makes it a bit more sensitive to light but even this has been getting better over time. Thank you again. Your thoughtfulness and prayers mean a lot. :)

And now... here's a thought for today:


I paced back and forth on our driveway this morning... dog and cat at my heels. 

Father... please give me my generation... my people for You...

And in the silence I'm more convinced then ever... He alone can open blind eyes. He alone can melt selfish hearts and turn lives driven by earthly fun into lives possessed with heaven's joy.

And it's always a privilege to be poured out, to pray, and to hold my people before the throne of God as those bought with an infinite price... a privilege I don't deserve - but a gift nonetheless.

And so today I ask you a question - and it comes from the heart...

Are you wiling to risk everything to become nothing? 
 Because that's what He did...

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Out of Control

[A couple months ago...]

It's a terrible feeling... that is, when your mind starts going out of control.

In fact, I didn't know it was that bad until I found myself sitting there - literally shaking with anticipation, stress, and responsibility. Ok, so it didn't help that I packed launching a business, preparing for a trip to India and finalizing our winter season on the farm all into two weeks... But that aside, I'm a Christian and I claim to trust, and I claim to believe, and I thought I had simple faith, but my mind is proving me otherwise.

For some reason I just can't reign in those thoughts...

No. Not going to think about the 1000 some people who are expecting a webinar that isn't even created yet... NO! Stop thinking about it. Uh uh... got to think about something else. Um... think about Jesus. I'm supposed to be consumed with seeing His face right now... not all this business stuff anyways.

Ok... but I need to record the main part of the webinar tomorrow because it takes around 6 hours to export and then another who knows how long to upload and what if something goes wrong and I have to re-export it... and it's supposed to go live the next night. Yikes...

NO! Stop thinking about it... supposed to bring every thought into captivity...

Think about Jesus... everything is going to be ok...

And I sit there - with my mind spinning out of my control.

I mean, what happened to being consumed with His face?... Arrgh... hypocrite. Here I am more consumed with my business than anything else...

And I'm on my knees all over again.

Because my mind says Jesus is more important than anything... but until my heart echos that theme - it is just "sounding brass and a tinkling symbol".

I must love Him more...


And so a few days ago I sat down to read an article that I didn't think I was going to agree with... and instead I ended up coming away with a beautiful revelation of grace. (Be careful of preconceived notions...)

Put simply it is this... if sin is the power in our lives to love and desire anything and everything other than God himself (and think we're finding joy there...) - then grace is the power of God to love, desire, and be consumed with Him and the beauty of His smile above anything else...

Isn't that beautiful? 

To love and desire a connection with heaven above anything... in fact, when nothing brings more joy then to see a sparkle in His eyes... that is grace.

And grace is freedom.

Are you free?

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